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Andrew Zimmern visit to Masri Sweets

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Name: Martha Diab
Date: 11/21/2016
Message: Love the sweets!! Please send catalog. 2525 Lavendusky Dr. Temple, Texas 76502 Thank you!!

Name: Janet Hinkle
Date: 11/16/2016
Message: How to set up new account

Name: Stephanie Kazlauskas
Date: 10/21/2016
Message: We met on your recent visit to Chicago. i Uber'd you and your sis to downtown. How you enjoyed your day and didn't get too chilly. Can't wait to get my order... Nice meeting you guys and thanks for sharing your website.

Name: sghaier sliman
Date: 06/30/2016
Message: hello how are you

Name: safwan
Date: 12/15/2015
Message: great sweets

Name: Lovetraction Lines Review
Date: 12/12/2015

Name: The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed
Date: 12/12/2015

Name: Bar Brothers System Review
Date: 12/12/2015